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"The CBX is the Vincent of the Future!" - Pete Ahrens

Dedicated to the preservation of the CBX Motorcycle

The Ruud

The Reger

CBX Tech

*CBX Arithmetic*
*CBX Homework*
*CBX Production Data*
*Index of Technical Information in the CBXPress*

The Mighty CBX on the Racetracks of America!

Sunday on the Track with Team Tyrannosaurus X

Sunday on the Track with George Dillaway

CBX Lore

*Shoichiro Irimajiri*
*Charting the Growth of the ICOA, 1982-1997*
*Hall of Mirrors*CBX Poster Art
*A CBXer's Christmas Card*

CBX People

*To Morro!*
Site of the '98 West Coast ICOA National Meet!
*Vintage Racing in the Streets of Steamboat Springs*
The word from the Rockies is that 98 was the last year on the street.
*EXTRA! Drunks and Bums Sighted!*
*Death Valley Run 1997*
DV98CBX was Road Nirvana! Check it out at ICOA on the Internet!

Rally Map of 1999 CBX Club Runs!

CBX Postcards

Postcard from the Uplands

Postcard from Ontario

Postcard from Monticello

Postcard from Mid-Ohio

Postcard from Colorado


Mists in the Mountains

Spondon Frames and Single-Sided Swingarms
*Is there a Next Generation Six in Your Future?*
*FAQ and Not So FAQ*
*Links of Interest to CBXers*

Updated May 29, 1999

Valhalla Garage

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Dedicated to the Preservation of the CBX Motorcycle


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