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The Awesome Five Cylinder RC149

In 1966...

...and at Suzuka 1999!

The RC149 Fires off the Starting Line at Suzuka

(15 Seconds 1.3M MPEG)

Kazz Endo informs us that Taveri's RC149, Number 177 shown above, sprung a fuel leak and was not run at Suzuka. The RC149 featured in the MPG video, Number 4, seen below second from right in Honda's vintage paddock, was one of three RC149s Honda brought to the racetrack that day.

Many thanks to our friend Kazz Endo for the Suzuka 1999 Images and MPEG.
RC149 B&W photo source: Honda Racers in the Golden Age, by Mick Woollett, 1990, Neko Publishing, Tokyo.

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