Nexial Quest

The Terraformation of Worlds

Cholera in the Time of Gold
The Sacramento Epidemic of 1850

A Park for the People
Origins of the East Bay Regional Park District

The Dual Discourse of Historiography

The Nature Machine
American Vernacular Landscapes

An Imperfect Vision
Icons of Transformation in the American Revolution

Southern Soil
Crises of Spirit in the Confederacy

The Next California

Rising Sun, Dark Ocean
The Fascist Trajectory of Japanese Ultra-Nationalism

Maruyama's Choice
The Article 9 Paradox

Sources of the Sabbath
The Micro-histories of Carlo Ginzburg

Winter Before Autumn
Self-Organized Criticality and the Black Death

Essays * Poetics

Tales from the Poor Man's Country Club
Poor Man's Country Club
The Night Richard Blew It
The Last Time I Saw Jack
They Just Got Hitched
Shall Ratcliff
The Return of Ezra Christian
Karen's Brother Bobby

Hecale Acapulco

Marse Robert at the Gate of Valhalla

The City of Idomeneus

Till I Came to Cad Goddeu

Mote of Chretien
Mote of Chretien presented by the Poet

Protesilaos and Iphigenia

Ash Wednesday in DC

Sorcerer's Fashion

White Man's Village

The Road from Here


The Time Bottle

Very Military Men

Noon (Revised Animations 2013)

Valhalla Garage

Oracle of the Ring

The Vision of the Peyote Drummer


Installment Loans Online

Zen Combat

Song of the Swordsmith
1980 Grand Houston National Karate Championships
1984 My Desk at Pac Bell San Mateo SCC
2004 USPSA Nationals<
2006 July IDPA at Sac Valley
2011 Summer Solstice in My Study
2013 Recovery Goal Alpha
2013 Recovery Goal Omega
Ten Cheng Breaths: 2014 Gallery Honoring Grandmaster Victor Cheng

The Sins of Aeetes
Sketches from a Work in Progress

The Empty Mind of the Desert
Uncollected Poems 1969-1994

The CBX Motorcycle is the Vincent of the Future!

The CBX Way
West Coast CBX
Our Friend Tumlinson

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