Ten Cheng Breaths

In Honor of Grandmaster Victor Cheng 1947-2013

A Gallery of Northern Chuan Fa inspired by the Kung Fu of Sifu Victor Cheng, 1978-1980, Houston Texas

Ten Cheng Breaths


Awaken paths of breath and mind

Stir channels of blood and bile


Nostrils to Tan Tien

Lungs push navel


Draw in the wind

Bring the sun home


Forge this spherical comb

Droplet of man in life’s mist


Now open the gate

A step makes the road


Take another step

Let the gate close behind


Grasp the sky

Bring it close


Take the world’s cloak

To know the story it tells


Then invite heaven

To warm the center


The day will dance

The stars will sing



Peter Ahrens

April 2014

A visit to Victor Sports in Houston to pay my respect and gratitude for a lifetime of kung fu.

Grandmaster Victor Cheng in 1998

Sifu Y.Y. Wang

Nexial Quest