Poor Man's Country Club

Early on I’m having a couple of beers over at the Poor Mans Country Club waiting for Dub and Mick and Terry with her skin tight jeans and this guy I ain’t never seen before is telling me he needs something to help some guys he’s got doing some under the table work get a lot more energy like with speed or something so I tell him the guys who do that shit don’t come in till way later and he bends my ear about kempo as I peg him for a narc until finally he goes away more drunk than he probably wanted to be about a half hour before Dub and Mick and oh that Terry when then Terry’s dipstick surfer friend Doodah or whatever his name is who is always messing with me grabs my hand and bends it back like he’s got me in some kind of grip so I say come on outside Doodah and we will test ourselves not hard or fast but just playing around so Doodah or whatever his name is nods and we go out there and he starts circle stalking me like Sugar Ray dipstick so finally I pop him twice before he blinks once not to hurt but just compress his nose about an inch or so him knowing what could have happened thats all he wants so we go back inside because Terry's really got me spooked big time but she’s into Mick bigger time so all night we're drinking and having some really good bullshit and Mick forgot his bottle of Jack so I stole it…

- Pete Ahrens April 2003

The Last Time I Saw Jack | They Just Got Hitched

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