"Daniellie," by Calvin Magdaleno McQueeg, 1856


That September afternoon in the rain,

Our journeys were combined by chance meeting

Where we forded the Trinity River

On the rough-hewn hack bound for your home, Daniellie!


Later we danced till the stars stole our candles’ flame,

Heaven softly lit by the light of your eyes,

My soul's breath entwined with yours in a kiss

To last forever, like stars and rain, Daniellie!


That day we met upon the Bexar road

Did we dream our intimate passing would not end,

Endure the night with each new promise of day?

So the world warms itself when we embrace,

The one soul we share, the one name we take,

Our journey has become a life of love, Daniellie!


Pete Ahrens

May 2004

Nexial Quest (c) Pete Ahrens 1999 - 2011