It is Noon of the Day of the Edict...

Once was grand orbiting Neuber
Gateway to all future and past

to the worlds of the True Men
and to the stars

Embraced by Neuber’s arms,
why has Sembelo been summoned from his slumber?


Wu Kuan of Neuber
Revised 2013

Beyond Kikoren
Revised 2013

At the Gate
Revised 2013


The Garden of Teleand | The Wall of Mount Hara | Scamander's Constellation

If God could say one thing to Man, it would be

- Kenneth Patchen

Noon is a polygonal narrative...

The structure of Noon is non-linear, the tale it tells has no chronology.
Noon exists in the Seeing of the timeless mounted nomads of Human Ken who seek only the Horizon.

Copyright Peter Ahrens 1998, 2015

Nexial Quest